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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big are they?

  • A. The average size of a base is 8” x 6  (20cm X 15cm) approximately

Q. How long does a commission take?

  • A. The average time taken is 14 weeks from commencement to finish. If you require the commission by a certain date for a birthday or special occasion then please give me as much notice as possible.

Q. Do I need to take measurements and draw any scale plans of the house?

  • A. No. I do not make scale models so normally I am able to work just from your photographs.
  • Q. What quality of photograph do you require?
    • A. Photographs can be of any quality. Digital, 35 mm, disposable fun camera, even mobile telephone camera images.
  • Q. Can you take the photographs for me?
    • A. In certain circumstances I may be able to, depending on the distance I would have to travel.
  • Q. What are they made of? Are they wooden dolls houses?
    • A. No they are not wood. They are cast in solid “herculite” plaster which is similar to plaster of Paris but far more durable and ideal for retaining fine detail.
  • Q. Can I have more than one miniature made?
    • A. Yes. Once I have made a mould I can then cast multiple miniatures from it at a reduced cost for each additional casting.
  • Q. Do you undertake commissions from abroad?
    • A. Yes. I have sent commissions to Canada, USA & Cyprus